Vincent van Gogh

 Last summer we visited the place where Vincent van Gogh
 painted the "Collse Watermill".

The building is bigger nowadays than in 1884
 but it is still in use.

Have a nice holiday, Gerrie

Round pillow, Yellow pillow, Heart pillow

Round pillow, Yellow pillow, Heart pillow, 

Colorful pillows make a room joyful

Here you can find those pillows and others.

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have a nice day, 


You can find your inspiration everywhere!

How inspiring is your coffee?

70 x 70 cm
a mini-quilt.

Have a nice weekend, Gerrie.


It is always nice to choose new 
curtains for the bedroom.

I chose not to put the conventional loop 
on the curtain, I think, it is a kind of boring,
 so I invented another way to hang
 the curtain, more creative

Have a nice day, Gerrie