School Exposition

Once I did visit a exposition of works  
made in the local school during the year.

There were games, made of recycled materials.

This one I think is a very good idea.

It was one of the things I did like the most.
Probably you know those folders to keep your documents together.
Usually the front side breaks down,
but the backside stays perfect.
Those lamps were made of them.

You can make a very decorative twilight lamp out of them.

Keep a  safe distance to the light bulb!

Have fun, Gerrie.


Very easy to make pillow

Make a pillow cover as usually, iron and sew
 on 2,5 cm (1 inch) around the border

I made this cover with buttons in the back

Have a nice week, Gerrie

PSV football pillows

A big fan of PSV asked me pillows

It was a few years ago, 
this was the PSV shirt of the team at the time 

So I thought it would be nice to make
 him matching pillows

Good weekend, Gerrie

Wreath of Eucalyptus, Sea view

Every year I make a new wreath of Eucalyptus
 This time inspired by the Sea 

The eucalyptus oil is antiseptic, prevents colds and infections.
Eucalyptus  oil has a strong fragrance, has anti-bacterial effects
and stimulates the immune system. 

This time I added Rosemary and Anise

Here you will find Wreath Tutorial and the 
lighthouse , anchor and boat I did find via Pinterest

 It will bring a nice fragrance to the room.

All reason to make every year a new wreath!

Have Fun, Gerrie

Natural Ambience Refreshment

It´s summer again,
 nice warm days.
The windows open for a breeze,
but often the breeze brings flies into the room.

This natural ambient refreshment
Keeps the flies and bees outside.

It is very easy to make an anti-fly
natural refreshment,

Just lemon, rosemary and cloves,
 I use the empty cups of the yogurt, 
often that are decorative cups.

 Slice the lemon and put the cloves in the liquid.
 Stick also a bit of the rosemary in the lemon.

Put a cup in every room and the bugs will stay out

Have a nice summer,