You can use a cross stitch pattern for a pillow
as well as for wall hanging.
I am crazy for pillows.

Have fun, be creative, Gerrie


Sometimes searching for something you find an other thing.
I found a plastic bag with a half turtle made, in fact there were two turtles in pieces.
In "the old times", (before using the computer daily), friends did send patterns by post.
And there was not always a description included. 
You had seen the turtle finished, that could not be so complicated to make it yourself !
But without a complete model in front of you to see the details, 
things were not so 
obvious as they seemed.
That´s why I like the net so much.
Clear up all my doubts with: "How to...."   , 
never have to put things aside because I have no idea how to finish it!

Now it looks already like a turtle,

have a nice day,

Nature in Portugal


Those images are from "Aldeia da Pena".
It´s a little village north of São Pedro do Sul, in a deep valley of the mountains Gralheira.
The very narrow valley created a microclimate responsable for an extraordinary vegetation.
The stone houses are build in traditional way. 
The view is from  the mountain São Marcario ( 1072 m).

Have fun, Gerrie.


I ´ve mentioned before: I like pillows.
Everywhere in the house you find pillows made by me.

Those are easy to make and decorative.
Take a fabric with a color combining with the sofa or bedspread.
And decorate!


Free embroidery.

And the backside:

Easy and decorative,

Have fun , Gerrie.