40 x 20 cm.

This Swallow image was in mirror on the pattern.
I did make a copy of it in reverse and did cross stitch it that way.
I think the gravity of this image is better this way.
The pattern is from the magazine "Susanna",
an Italian magazine with many cross stitch patterns. 

Greetings, Gerrie  


The last weeks, I did make some pillows.
 Some nice colorful pillows for the garden chairs.

Big pillows for a lazy day in the sun

 By using different colorful fabric, you get a sunny result.

Have a nice day, Gerrie.

Cross stitch on colored Aïda

My favorite embroidery is cross stitching, 
all stitches the same size, going to the same direction.
The fashion nowadays is "everything is possible", big stitches, 
all sorts of fabric put together.
I like to see the results of that, there are very nice mixed media products to find on the net. 
But I love order. That´s why i tried this experiment: colored Aïda.

Wet a piece of Aïda,

 Cut a few parts of crepe paper

Roll the paper in the fabric,
 you don´t need much it has lot´s of ink

 Let it dry in the sun.

I like the result and still good  for cross stitching

Have fun, Gerrie

Light through a window

Just because I think it´s beautiful, the projection of the light on the wall 
 through the window of the door 

Enjoy, Gerrie

Pouf, Tutorial

For the pouf I use a quilted topside, that makes a firm pouf.  
And it will be more resistant.

The sides will be sewn one by one.

and another one.

When they are all sewed, we sew the sides.

Make a tunnel place the cover  about 
the inside pouf and 
tie with a cord  and there you are, 
the pouf is ready.

Greetings, Gerrie.

Ducks, cross stitch

Just finished those ducks in cross stitch. It is stitched 
on Aïda 18 cnt and with one strand. 

Personally I think it gives 
this sweet scene an even more fragile look.

If you get inspired, you can find the pattern, and other 
romantic cross stitch patterns, here:

Have fun, Gerrie