Make up bag

I made another make up bag.
This time, I did give it a tab, 

that makes it`s more easy to close the zipper.
This one will be for a friend,

Have a nice day, 


The Italian magazine "RAKAM" has often
 beautiful embroidery works.

Usually I do cross stitching.

6 x 6 cm, I think it doesn´t look that bad for a first try.

Have a nice day,  Gerrie.

A Cute Crossstitch Chicken

A cute chicken.

I did choose the colors.


And there she walks.

And now she walks on a little bag, that can be used 
for glasses, a mobile, or other small things.

You can find her in My Etsy shop

Greetings, Gerrie

Quilt with squares

I still had to show the finished quilt.
Here it is.

Have a nice, warm day,