Sustainable Bread Bag

The end of the existence of the plastic bag in sight!? 

 I do not think so, but we can help reducing the amount of plastic bags used in our daily life.

 So I started with sewing fabric bread bags 

For sale in Etsy:  FuturePillow

enjoy your meal

Recycling or what to do with a big box of scraps

Nowadays you can find great ideas of 
what to do with a big box of scraps.
So I did give it a try:

Started with a real easy one, just  yarn and 
to decorate a few circles of felt. 

 I do enjoy the work method. 
A quick result and it did not come out bad. 

and it is really fun to do,
 I did experiment other processes, 
 different materials.

  This one I made after seeing Gilda Baron explaining 
her work method in Youtube.

Have Fun, 

The cold days are coming!

Keep your wrist warm and your hands stay warm.

use an old pair of socks

Cut a little hole for the thumb

When too width, sew a few stitches on the side

Success, Gerrie

Recover a sleeping bag

How to recover a sleeping bag?

A well used sleeping bag with the fabric worn out.

Just in one place, the rest of the sleeping bag is in good state.

Search for a nice fabric in corresponding color.

Measure more than the real distance, just for security.
Cut the new fabric 2 x this size by the width of the sleeping bag.

Sew one side over the width.

Double the fabric, 

and sew the short sides.

Turn the fabric inside out over the sleeping bag,

 and sew it together.

You can camping again!