Flower, cross stitch

I like this red flower.
This is not the card I made (forgot to take a picture).
This picture is from the magazine "Labores".  

The list of colors has  some numbers of colors to much, 
In Anchor you do need:  28, 44, 46, 47, 683, 876, 878.
DMC: 893, 815, 666, 321, 500, 503, 501.

Have a nice day, Gerrie.

Potholder, tutorial

A  potholder.

I got the inspiration here.

A piece of black fabric 100 %  strong cotton, 

thread a figure with strong yellow yarn.

 Three red hearts.

A piece of  an old towel in between the 2 layers. 

 A colorful ribbon around the potholder and its ready to be used.

Good luck, Gerrie