The Swans

The Swans on the top of my blog are just a
 detail of a beautiful image

 It spreads serenity

 this cross stitched work is still available
You can contact me 
via my Etsy-shop or Facebook, 


Some curious cats

The cats nosy looking what is happening there. 

The fabric is 30 x 40 cm, 
what gives a nice passe-partout

The cats are in cross stitch 
 DMC thread was used for that,
DMC is my favorite trademark for 
embroidery thread.

Happy stitching,


Sustainable bag

A fabric with beautiful print 

a pocket inside and another outside 

and someone will be happy shopping

Have fun, Gerrie

Painted bag

A boring grey fabric got some colors

The back black and the inside lining red 

keep sewing, 



I am really into the bags this week,
save nature, 
a sustainable bag for everyone

Happy shopping,


Sustainable Shopping Bags

New bags will soon show up in Etsy

 Made of pieces of fabric that I got 
from different people cleaning up there sewing rooms

it gives a variation of possibilities of bags

Keep sewing, Gerrie 


Cut circles of jeans 
decorate with traditional sardines 

An extra circle felt to support the hot drinks

Have fun, Gerrie

The Market

In the Netherlands you buy fabric
 by the meter on the market 

I love those markets

Nice weekend,Gerrie

Shopping bag, purple and yellow

Choose three pieces of fabric
whose colors combine well 

I like to combine 2 plain colors 
with 1 fabric with many colors 

The pockets are made extra strong 
by stiffening 

Two pockets outside and two inside the bag

Someone will do sustainable shopping 

Have a nice weekend, Gerrie

Elefant and mouse

15 x 20 cm.
A small cross stitch work,
 nice as a book cover, a wall hanging or 
as a pillow with some colored fabric around
Happy stitching, Gerrie

A new bag

A new shopping bag, this one got 
a traditional Portuguese image


The appliqued sardines, 
 the first option: an orange sardine in the middle, 
I  substituted for a blue one

A button as eye of the fish

inside pocket

I took (never used) straps from another bag 

And there we have a new shopping bag


Pillows machine embroidered

A simple way to make pillows:
take a colorful fabric and felt as a backing layer
do some machine embroidery 

easy peasy, new chair pillows 

Nice weekend,

Mandala peacock

Peacock made for the celebration of Saint John.

So beautiful,
 made with different kind of flowers,
 this peacock looks almost like a mandala

Good weekend,


A mini quilt

Winnie the Pooh,
45 x 42 cm

Painted on fabric, Quilted with black thread.
Also used: a recycled Winnie the Pooh  T-shirt.
The quilt is still for sale: Winnie quilt

Have a nice day, Gerrie

Vincent van Gogh

 Last summer we visited the place where Vincent van Gogh
 painted the "Collse Watermill".

The building is bigger nowadays than in 1884
 but it is still in use.

Have a nice holiday, Gerrie

Round pillow, Yellow pillow, Heart pillow

Round pillow, Yellow pillow, Heart pillow, 

Colorful pillows make a room joyful

Here you can find those pillows and others.

Thank you for visiting, 
have a nice day,