Spring, Cross stitch

The cold and dark days of the last weeks,
 make me desire of the nice colors the spring will bring us.

The bright red of the poppy,

and the yellow and purple,

Have a colorfull weekend...

Butterfly, Cross stitch

The butterfly is as in the original pattern

 The flower, I did change into a blue flower,
I think the blue color fits better with the orange of the butterfly

And a bit of yellow like in this Aglais urticae.
This butterfly has such an amazing combination of colors.

Have a nice weekend, Gerrie. 

Make up bag

I did make another make up bag .
I love this nice fabric.

Have a nice weekend, Gerrie

Bag, recycling

The bag is 100% recycled, made from old materials:
A curtain, a blouse, a skirt and a scarf.

I start to open the sides of an existing shopping bag.
I stitched a patchwork on the outside of the bag,
 sewed the side seam again.

I think it did work out well,

Success, Gerrie.

Zero Waste

Surfing the web I saw an article about a student in the environmental studies, Lauren, she haven´t made any trash for the last two years.
In my family of 4, I did still not succeed to reduce trash till zero; so I was curious to read the article and I am open to new ideas.

A few years ago the salaries in the south of Europe dropped down dramatically, result the fixed costs of the house almost took the total income.
The money available for food had to reduce radically. That was for me the moment to go from supermarket to local farmers.

Reading the article Lauren came to the environmental approach:  "... I wasn’t embodying my philosophies. ..."
But after two years of sustainable living:
"Life has been better every day", I save money, I eat better, I am happier
I agree with Lauren and would like to add one more advantage: I save time.

Lauren started her own zero-waste company, you can read about it here:
 The Simply Co  

Good luck,

My Passion

To make beautiful things out of cross stitch 


Life is beautiful

people meet,
people walk at your side,
people pass,
even without looking neither you noticing. 
But a smile, bright eyes,
never escape the attention.


Easy X-mas decoration, recycling

Time to start making Christmas decoration

On facebook "Kendin Yap", I saw this Tutorial.

It is real simple and fun.
At the end I did put a straight pin not to untwine.

In a few days the roses will be dry,
And the colors will be slightly browner.  

A bit of spray paint and you have your Christmas
decoration for your door.

Have fun, Gerrie