Shopping Bag, Tutorial

The plastic bags will disappear and
a fabric bag is sustainable.
Do you need a better reason to make yourself 
a shopping bag.

3 combining colors

We cut twice: outside toppart 36 x 10 cm

We cut twice: inside toppart 36 x 10 cm

We cut twice: 40 x 60 cm.
inside and outside bag.

On the short side, we measure 10 cm from the side,
The intermediate piece of 20 cm, we wrinkle.
And we sew it to the top.

So we get this result, 
we do that 4 times, 2 front and 2 back sides of the bag

We close the seam of the inside bag on both sides.

This is the inside bag

We make a corner of 4 cm in the bottom of the bag,
on 2 sides. 

The outside bag as well

The outer bag we turn to the right side of the fabric to the outside.

For the straps we cut 2 : 70 x 10 cm.

Fold both sides of the fabric to the middle and iron the fabric.

Fold again and stitch the strap on both sides.

Now place the strap on the inside pocket 8 cm from the side seam.
and sew it very well.
Do this for both handles.

Now slide the inner bag into the outer bag.

Pin the 2 layers together and stitch them together.

And you have your shopping bag ready to shop.

Happy sewing, Gerrie


The almond tree is a tree originally from Azie.
There is a legend which tells us how the almond trees
arrived to Portugal.

Around 800 AC, Portugal was occupied by Muslim Moors (Berbers and Arabs).
One high placed Arab was married to a woman from the north of Europa.
For his Nordic wife was the lack of snow
in the winter unbearable.
As a solution to the feelings of homesickness the
rich Arab planted thousands of almond trees on the Iberian Peninsula.

That's very romantic.