Turtle, Tutorial

The turtle 

 Cut 2x the head, 2x the shell

Cut 8 x the legs, in different colors

Mark the lines on the toppart of the shell

Because I choose a light color shell, I did use vilene (vlieseline)

sew the lines of the top part of the shell

sew the 2 shell parts together

sew the 2 head parts together

turn the shell inside out and fill, as well as the head

sew the neck to the shell and put an eye

sew the legs as well

Have a nice weekend, Gerrie

Easter, Table cover

A table cover for Easter.

The cross stitch pattern is from an old portuguese magazine:

"Ponto Cruz & Novidades" nº 58

Have a nice Easter,


A few cute Easter patterns, por example for a postcard.

The cross stitch patterns are from an old magazine:
"Ponto Cruz & Novidades" nº 58

Have a nice week,


My first ragdoll.
I saw her in a book and had to make her.
She looked so cute!

Have a nice week,