Wreath of Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus oil is antiseptic, prevents colds and infections.
Eucalyptus  oil has a strong fragrance, has anti-bacterial effects
and stimulates the immune system.

All reasons to make every year a new wreath!

 We pick branches.

When the branches are just picked, they are easy to bend.

Connect them with iron wire.

Decorate with shells, plaster figures.

And give it a place.

Have a nice day,



The buzzard is a  medium to large bird of prey, you can still find in Europa and Asia. 
It is between 51 and 57 cm in length with a wingspan till 1.40 m (60 inch)!
That makes him a medium-sized raptor.

A beautiful bird, a bit scary aswell,
have a nice day, Gerrie.